Creating a safer connected world: Teachers, educators and professionals

Are you a teacher, educator or other professional working with children and young people?

Through the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) agenda, the European Commission (EC), Safer Internet Centres (SICs) and other stakeholders work with teachers, educators and other professionals around Europe to enable them to equip children and young people with the digital and media literacy skills needed to use the digital environment in a responsible, respectful, critical and creative way. Read on to discover more.

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Empowering youth online: the Ora de Net initiative

Volunteering is a crucial aspect of the Ora de Net project, integral to its mission of educating and informing children and adolescents about safe and responsible internet use. The dedicated Ora de Net Youth Panellists from various regions actively engage in community outreach to raise awareness and provide essential education on digital literacy. 

What parents should know about VR gaming

Immersing yourself in virtual reality (VR) is no longer just for wealthy tech enthusiasts. VR goggles are now available on the market at affordable prices and the range of VR games continues to grow. Today, VR goggles may not be widely used in the average household, but that could change in the near future. This article summarises the most important information about VR games and it provides information for parents whose children are already using VR today.

Romanian Safer Internet Centre helpline

Nowadays children and adolescents are increasingly engaging with the online world, ensuring their safety and well-being is paramount. The internet offers a vast array of opportunities and resources, but it also presents unique challenges and risks, particularly regarding online safety and security.  

Age limit on social media platforms

Social platforms have become integral to our daily lives, offering connectivity, entertainment, and information. However, the increasing presence of children and young people on these platforms has raised concerns about age-appropriate usage and online safety. Understanding the age limits set by various social platforms is essential for ensuring responsible and secure engagement in the digital space. 

Youth panel unravels the mysteries of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Youth Panel was a dynamic and engaging discussion platform during the Safer Internet Day (SID) event in Viseu, Portugal. It brought together young people and encouraged them to explore their concerns and perspectives regarding artificial intelligence (AI). Young person João Brás shares his reflections on the day.

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The BIK Teacher Corner is for teachers, educators and other adults who work with children and young people. It is your ‘one stop shop’ for learning and teaching about digital citizenship and online safety. You can find free information, advice and suggested resources.

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Here you can find a range of dossiers which will dive deeper into the evolving range of opportunities and risks of the online world. Deep dives provide teachers and educators with more in-depth information, advice and resources to understand specific topics/areas of risk

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What do teachers and educators need to know about the latest apps and platforms? Find out more about the services young people are using and how to access support.

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