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Internet Governance Forum 2019

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Berlin, Germany

The annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is convened by the United Nations Secretary-General as an open, inclusive and ‎multistakeholder platform for bringing all stakeholders together as equals to discuss public ‎policy issues related to key elements of internet governance.‎

Through a bottom-up process, the IGF community has decided to address some of the currently ‎most critical internet policy issues, clustered into eight core themes:

  • Cybersecurity, Trust ‎and Privacy
  • Digital Inclusion and Accessibility
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Evolution of ‎Internet Governance
  • Human Rights, Gender and Youth
  • Development, Innovation and ‎Economic Issues
  • Media and Content
  • Technical and Operational Topics.‎
Each year, IGF typically includes more than a hundred sessions, ‎organised by various stakeholders from around the world, helping to orient the public ‎discourse toward achieving needed improvements.

‎The 2019 edition will take place in Berlin - more information to follow in due course. Find out more about the participation of the Better Internet for Kids agenda/Insafe network in previous editions of IGF.

Internet Governance Forum 2019