Maltese Safer Internet Centre

Awareness centre


The awareness centre focuses its efforts on reaching children and youth in schools. Since 2012, the awareness centre has given a lesson in all schools in Malta and Gozo. This work has also had an impact on the national curriculum with digital literacy and citizenship forming part of the curriculum of various subjects such as Personal, Social and Career Development (PSCD).

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The helpline is the national helpline for Malta. It has been in operation for approximately 18 years. The helpline offers its services through a freephone number, 179. The helpline is heavily involved in awareness-raising efforts and also has a very close working relationship with the Malta Police Force and other agencies related to child protection and welfare.
As from 2015, a helpline service is also offered through This offers youth the possibility to interact anonymously with trained volunteers via chat or an online forum.
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The hotline receives reports through an online reporting form of content which is illegal by Maltese legislation. The hotline analysts review such content and refer it accordingly to the Maltese Cyber Crime Unit. Given that the hotline is a member of INHOPE, the reports are also referred to the hotline of the hosting country.


Youth participation


Youth participation is formally organised through a youth panel. The youth panel has five fixed members. Supplementing this, the youth panel coordinator also visits a number of schools in order to gather more ideas and feedback.

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Key successes

The Maltese Safer Internet Centre has been successful in bringing together a number of key national entities whose mandates have traditionally had them working in isolation and in diverse fields. Through the project, it was recognised that the expertise of these entities and their respective objectives all diverge on the issues related to online risk. Having such a strong consortium has ensured that the SIC has managed to establish itself in Malta as national point of contact on this front.
This has been recognised by policy makers as evidenced by the number of times and extent to which the SIC has been consulted on policy and also legislative issues. The various collaborative efforts together with industry and the educational sector also recognise this.

Key partners/supporters

Key supporters of the Maltese Safer Internet Centre include:
  • Malta Police Force - Cyber Crime Unit
  • Directorate for Educational Services
  • Secretariat for Catholic Education
  • Independent Schools Association
  • National Youth Agency
  • University of Malta

The BeSmartOnline! consortium understands that cooperation is key to the successful implementation of the project. In view of this, an Advisory Board has been set up to act as a central channel of communication among stakeholders within the field of internet safety. In addition, in an effort to be in a position to reach a wider number of stakeholders, national cooperation and dialogue will be promoted through three expertise-specific fora, which discuss specific topics as mandated by the Advisory Board. These members play an important consultative role due to their expertise or representation of specific interest groups. These fora will include; a psycho-social expert forum, an industry forum and a parent/carer forum.

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