Latvian Safer Internet Centre

Awareness centre

The Latvian Awareness Centre informs and educates children, adolescents, teachers and parents on the safety of internet content and the potential threats on the internet (incitement to hate, racism, child pornography and pedophilia, emotional harassment on the internet, identity theft and data abuse, sexting, sextortion, etc.).
The main activities implemented and coordinated by the centre include:
  • Celebration of Safer Internet Day (SID) in Latvia.
  • Development of educational materials on internet safety for all target groups – children, adolescents, parents, teachers and social workers.
  • Organisation of different seminars, training sessions and other activities.
  • Organisation of social campaigns on current topics.
  • Training of specialists, teachers, librarians and trainers.
  • Involvement of kindergartens and universities in activities on internet safety.
  • Development of closer cooperation with mobile operators and internet service providers.
  • Involvement of the youth panel in development of informative materials and in the awareness work of the centre.
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The Children's Helpline, 116111, aims to give psychological help to children and teenagers who are in difficult situations. The helpline also provides consultations on internet safety related topics and processes reports concerning illegal internet content.

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The hotline offers internet users a way of reporting something they suspect to be illegal on the internet. The hotline investigates these reports to determine if they are illegal and, if so, to trace the origin of the content and forward either to the national Law Enforcement Agency in Latvia, Cyber Crime Enforcement Unit or to the appropriate INHOPE member hotline of the country where content appears to be hosted. Each report received will be processed. It is possible to report anonymously.

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Youth participation


The Latvian youth panel consists of 15 young people aged 10-18, representing different regions of Latvia. They share their experiences and thoughts with the centre and help coordinators make decisions about internet safety issues that affect children and young people. The youth panel has an important role in the development of educational materials, organising social campaigns and other centre activities oriented towards children and the youth audience. An online meeting is the fastest way for the centre to receive youngster's opinion on topics for video blogs, themes and speakers for SID, and educational materials for children and youngsters. Youth panel representatives frequently participate in activities organised by the centre.

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Key successes

The Latvian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) is a leading organisation in Latvia educating children and teachers on media literacy and digital competence. The SIC works closely together with the Ministry of Culture, National Centre for Education, professors and educational staff to develop different resources, educational materials and online tools which can be integrated into the school curriculum through compulsory studies to improve and strengthen children's ability to critically evaluate, analyse and structure online content and activities on the internet such as spotting fake news, checking the facts before sharing posts and distinguishing advertising articles from national news. A Youth Forum titled "I'm on the internet! I participate!" was the SID 2018 main event in Latvia and focused on how to develop a fundamental sense of media literacy skills among youngsters involving many experts as speakers specialised in media literacy topics.

Latvia Safer Internet Day (SID) 2018 event

Key partners/supporters

The Latvian Safer Internet Centre's activities are strongly supported by stakeholders from governmental institutions, NGOs, companies and experts from the internet industry, and teachers, educators and specialists working in the education sector.

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