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We invite you to make use of the filter function below to look for the most appropriate examples of positive online content for children. Please bear in mind that the recommended use of this website is through the stakeholder pages available on the homepage, where resources are displayed by relevance to each stakeholder group: children and young people, parents and carers, teachers and educators and content producers and providers.  Alternatively, you can also search examples by country.


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  • Screenshot of Digitaliada


    Country: [Romania]

    Age range: [10-12 years of age]

    This is an online platform that promotes digital education by providing educational digital content and by encouraging users to post open source and original digital materials which can be u ...

    By Orange Foundation

  • Screenshot of Mathematics learning platform

    Mathematics learning platform

    Country: [Romania]

    Age range: [10-12 years of age]

    Taking into consideration digital natives' preferences for visual learning and their need for knowing the applicable means of the theoretic concepts, this example provides video lessons and inter ...

    By Mindfactory

  • Screenshot of Easier to your rights

    Easier to your rights

    Country: [Croatia]

    Age range: [3-6 years of age, 6-8 years of age, 8-10 years of age, 10-12 years of age]

    The main purpose of this app is to make sure children know their rights and responsibilities in an appropriate way, in accordance with their developmental abilities, age, language and ethnicity, ...

    By Center for missing and exploited children

  • Screenshot of No to E-violence

    No to E-violence

    Country: [Croatia]

    Age range: [8-10 years of age, 10-12 years of age]

    Quiz application No e-violence helps children and adults to become better informed and to test their knowledge of the internet. If users give a wrong answer to one question, they may respond one ...

    By Center for Missing and Exploited Children

  • Screenshot of Zanimacija

    Zanimacija - Mathematics video learning instructions

    Country: [Croatia]

    Age range: [6-8 years of age, 8-10 years of age, 10-12 years of age]

    Zanimacija provides video instructions for learning maths for the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade in Croatia in an easy and fun way which can be paused or ...

    By Zanimacija