Deep dives


You can find a range of dossiers which will dive deeper into the evolving range of opportunities and risks of the online world. More deep-dive articles will be added soon, so please check back regularly for the latest topics.


Bullying online can have a huge impact on the young people involved. Learn more about how you and your students can understand, prevent and respond to cyberbullying.


Creating and sharing intimate images can lead to consequences that young people may not consider. Learn more on how you can support your students to understand the issues around sexting.


Knowing how to protect your data, accounts and devices from attack by cyber criminals is a vital skill for all online users. Learn more about best practice approaches to cybersecurity.


A hugely popular online activity for children and adults, but what are the risks that youth can face when gaming? Explore this module to learn more.


Technology enables young people to access limitless information and content online. But what forms can misleading content take, and what risks can it pose?


There are many AI tools available to online users. This module explores the use of generative AI, including the opportunities and the risks.


What is persuasive design and how does it affect the way we all use technology? This module explores the features and impact of persuasive design.


The way we each experience online content differs from person to person. Discover how online algorithms affect young people’s online experiences and the advice you can give them..


Technology use is a mixture of benefits and risk factors, especially when it comes to health and wellbeing. This module explores strategies for promoting healthy digital habits in young people.


Both children and adults can be at risk of being blackmailed or exploited online. This module explores the nature of sextortion and how online users can protect themselves and seek support.