SIC+ programme: Republic of Moldova - International Centre La Strada


Chisinau, Republic of Moldova



About the organisation

The International Centre La Strada is a national non-governmental human rights organisation that strongly supports the rights of women and children to stay free from violence. For 20 years, we've worked with government and civil society organisations, justice system stakeholders, frontline law enforcement, health and social protection specialists, educational systems, media, and academia to advance and defend the rights of women and children, survivors of trafficking in human beings, domestic violence and sexual violence, online child sexual exploitation, and sexual abuse.

Awareness raising

Annually, on the occasion of Safer Internet Day, there is a massive mobilisation of educational institutions and NGOs in conducting various awareness-raising activities on child safety online. During an entire week, teachers conduct informational activities for pupils from primary to secondary school. In addition, a national contest for teachers is organised.


Since 2014, the national Child Helpline 116 111 has been functioning in Moldova, enabling the counselling of children about their rights and facilitating their protection in case of abuse or exploitation. In addition, since 2013, La Strada has provided specialised online counselling for children experiencing any form of online abuse through


Currently, there is no available hotline in Moldova. In 2021, La Strada, in partnership with INHOPE, initiated a set of consultations with various national stakeholders regarding the opportunity and possibilities to set up a national hotline in Moldova. In September 2021, the first national roundtable on combatting online child sexual abuse materials was conducted. As agreed with the Ministry of Interior Affairs, a hotline is planned to launch in Moldova by the end of 2022.

Youth participation

There is a low level of youth participation to promote child safety online. In recent years, La Strada has conducted awareness-raising activities for the National Student Council, encouraging their further involvement and dissemination of online safety tips to their peers. In addition, in the context of the National Contest for teachers on Child Safety Online, organised annually on the occasion of SID, La Strada encourages youth participation in promoting the safe use of the internet.