Learning modules

In the Teacher Corner you will find everything you need to better understand the digital worlds and experiences of young people. A range of learning modules are provided to ensure you have the knowledge required to understand the risks and opportunities that accompany the digital experiences of youth and to help you develop the skills to support them to manage and benefit from these experiences.

These learning modules are split into two types: introductory modules and deep dives:

  • Introductory modules – provide you with a broad knowledge base to understand the opportunities, risks and educational approaches related to digital citizenship and online safety.
  • Deep dive modules – provide you with greater information, advice and resources to understand specific topics/areas of risk such as cyberbullying, misinformation and sexting.

How to protect, empower and respect children and young people online

Introductory online learning modules for teachers

Digital technology and online spaces offer many benefits to people of all ages, especially children and young people. These benefits include access to information/learning, instant communication with other online users, entertainment and exploration, development of self-identity, and the opportunity to be creative and expressive.

As with all things in life, alongside these opportunities, there are also risks that can impact on the safety and wellbeing of youth; including some that can lead to significant and lasting harm. Recognising risk and understanding how best to manage it is an important life skill and is fundamental to enabling children and young people to enjoy everything the digital world has to offer them.

As an educator, you have a responsibility to support your learners to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to keep themselves and others safe online. However, you and your colleagues also play an important role in inspiring your learners to explore, enjoy and benefit from the opportunities that their digital lives can offer.