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2023-05-22 media literacy/education Italian Safer Internet Centre

The Italian Youth Panel was in Procida for four days of training

From 4 to 6 May, 40 young people between the ages of 14 and 18, from all over Italy, participated in training activities and debates at Palazzo D'Avalos in Procida. Read on for a recap of the main highlights.

2023-05-16 excessive use, gaming, media literacy/education Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre

Screen time and mental health for Safer Internet Day 2023 in Bulgaria

On 7 February 2023, for the 20th time, more than 180 countries from all continents, including Bulgaria, celebrated Safer Internet Day under the motto "Together for a better internet". The main event to mark the observance in Bulgaria was organised by the National Centre for Safe Internet and included an online discussion dedicated to the topic "Screen time and its impact". 

2023-05-15 love, relationships, sexuality (online), media literacy/education, online reputation Italian Safer Internet Centre

The role of digital environments in identity construction processes: exploring the online identity of people with special needs and disabilities

The Italian Safer Internet Centre has recently released a new webinar for teachers, educators and education experts to explore the role of digital environments in the processes of identity construction of young people, and especially young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

2023-05-15 cyberbullying, excessive use, love, relationships, sexuality (online), media literacy/education Luxembourg Safer Internet Centre

BEE SECURE Radar: report on the use of ICT by young people in Luxembourg now available

The second edition of the “BEE SECURE Radar” report on current trends in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) by young people in Luxembourg has been published. The report was released on 7 February 2023 on the occasion of Safer Internet Day, whose motto was “Together for a better internet”.

2023-05-11 media literacy/education Iceland Safer Internet Centre

Iceland launched new website for Safer Internet Day 2023

For the 2023 edition of Safer Internet Day, the Safer Internet Centre in Iceland (SAFT) focused on collaboration. SAFT is a part of a new network about media literacy in Iceland with more than 40 other partners, including the Icelandic media commission and the national broadcasting company.  

2023-05-11 media literacy/education BIK Team

One year of BIK+

Exactly one year ago, on 11 May 2022, the European Commission adopted a new European strategy for a Better Internet for Kids (BIK+), to improve age-appropriate digital services and to ensure that every child is protected, empowered and respected online. Let’s take a look at further policy developments that have happened over the course of the past year. 

2023-05-10 media literacy/education, online reputation Luxembourg Safer Internet Centre

New collection of activities for primary school pupils by BEE SECURE

This collection of activities aims to encourage primary school children (cycles 2 to 4 in Luxembourg) to use the internet more safely and positively, and is intended for teaching and educational staff. It offers practical exercises (games, crafts) to be carried out quickly and directly. These activities are linked to the skills requirements set out in the “Reference guide for education to and by the media” (Guide de référence pour l’éducation aux et par les médias - Medienkompass).

2023-05-09 media literacy/education, potentially harmful content BIK Team

SIC+ webinar focuses on disinformation and fake news

The SIC+ (Safer Internet Centre plus) programme is a collaboration between the network of European Safer Internet Centres and like-minded organisations around the world focused on keeping children and young people safe online. At the end of March 2023, the fourth and final webinar of the current round of the SIC+ programme took place, focusing on disinformation and fake news. 

2023-05-05 love, relationships, sexuality (online), media literacy/education, potentially harmful content, sexual harassment Dutch Safer Internet Centre

The Netherlands focus on inappropriate content for Safer Internet Day 2023

As fast as the internet develops, the years are also passing by fast. This year, on 7 February 2023, the world celebrated the 20th anniversary of Safer Internet Day. What once started as a SafeBorders initiative in 2004 has now grown into a widely respected event celebrated in more than 180 countries. Read more about the SID celebrations in the Netherlands. 

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