SIC+ programme: Turkey - Turkey Safer Internet Centre


Ankara, Turkey



About the organisation

In 2017, a Safer Internet Centre was established under the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) of Turkey to help mainly children and families with online safety issues. The internet hotline, helpline and internet awareness centres were subsequently joined together and started to serve within the scope of a Safer Internet Centre.

Awareness raising

For the conscious, safe, and effective use of the internet, regular training programmes are being held at schools, mainly for children, teachers, and families. The main goal of these seminars is to raise awareness and educate families and children about the safer use of the internet. Between 2012 and 2022, the total number of seminars that we organised was 1,139. We had the opportunity to reach 174,472 people with these seminars. In the last three years, we have reached 61,308 people.


The helpline for all internet users was set up under the Safer Internet Centre to help mainly children and families with online safety issues. It consists of eight main topics such as information security, cyberbullying, illegal content, social media, digital games, and so on. Users can get information from a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) system under these eight topics. If they cannot find the content they want, they can contact the helpline of the Safer Internet Centre.


In order to raise awareness concerning the safe use of the internet, up-to-date and comprehensive content including news, articles and announcements are shared through our safe web internet website ( Also, a safe kid website ( provides services for children including games, activities, competitions, and training. 

Youth participation

We carry out awareness activities for the safe use of the internet for students. We also carry out joint awareness activities with students on Safer Internet Day.