Croatian Safer Internet Centre


Osijek, Croatia


About the organisation

The Croatian Safer Internet Centre exists to promote a safer and better use of the internet and mobile technologies among children and young people.

Profile last reviewed: May 2020

Awareness centre


The awareness centre's main goal is to reach as many people as possible with the right content and age appropriate material, aiming to raise awareness on safer internet use, including issues around sexting and sextortion.

The awareness centre also aims to lead discussion, on a national level, as to what can we all do, as a society, to better protect and educate our children online.

Awareness-raising services - Croatia Safer Internet Centre

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Helpline Croatia is a toll-free telephone number for help and support to children, youth and all other internet users. The focus of the helpline is to calm down an agitated caller and offer guidance to deal with the presented problem.

The helpline operates from 08:00-20:00 every working day and offers its services on the 0800 606 606 number. The helpline also provides technical support and advice on current problems on computers or mobile phones.

The biggest challenge for the helpline is the prank calls it receives. However, the helpline treats every call as a serious call and then tries to educate the prank callers not to do it again.

Helpline service - Croatian Safer Internet Centre

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Hotline Croatia is a part of the page on which you can make an anonymous report about any illicit or illegal content online. The report will then be forwarded to the Hotline Coordinator who is trained and experienced with dealing with harmful or illegal content.

The report will be reviewed and, if not anonymous, the person who reported the content will be notified of the actions which have been taken on the case. If needed, the report is then transferred to the proper agencies in Croatia dealing with such reports. The hotline has great cooperation with both the police and the government sector.

Hotline service - Croatian Safer Internet Centre


Youth participation


Youth participation is of great importance in the Croatian Safer Internet Centre (SIC). Approximately 80 young people approach the organisation every day, so each time the SIC has an idea on how to make an awareness campaign or a new material for youth, it consults with them. The young people love taking part in workshops, having their voices heard, and seeing their ideas turned into reality. The SIC aims to involve the youth panel as much as possible so that the participants can have even more influence on the content and services provided.

Youth participation - Croatian Safer Internet Centre

Key successes

The biggest success of the Croatian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) in recent activities has been the organisation of Safer Internet Day (SID) 2019 with record-breaking numbers taking part all across Croatia. This is a sign of a broad national action to educate all internet users about ways to protect them on digital platforms.

On the occasion of SID 2019, there was a public press conference where the Croatian SIC announced all actions including the educative online platform called SINI (a platform for online safety), along with help from HAKOM (the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries) and all three mobile communications operators (Croatian Telecom, Tele2 Croatia and A1 Croatia), in cooperation with the Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

SID 2019 celebrations in Croatia

Key partners/supporters

Key supporters of the Croatian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) are definitely the children and youth that are constantly pushing them forward. They are expanding their views and their knowledge, and so should the SIC.

The SIC also has great cooperation developed with A1 Croatia, Croatian Telecom and Tele2 Croatia (telecom providers), Microsoft Croatia, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and most ministries in Croatia, as well as many other organisations and schools that support the SIC's work.