SIC+ programme: Colombia - Red PaPaz


Bogotá, Colombia



About the organisation

Red PaPaz is a civil society NGO that advocates for the protection of the rights of children and adolescents in Colombia and Latin America by enhancing the capabilities of key stakeholders, including parents, caregivers, and educators.

Awareness raising

The Research and Awareness Centre of the Viguías Safe Internet Centre has raised awareness about safe internet surfing by minors in two ways: through research on phenomena in digital environments, and through the creation of content with prevention messages. We have investigated issues such as the self-generation of sexual content, online video games, and live streaming of sexual abuse of children and adolescents.


As a helpline, Te Guio is focused on giving information and orientation around sexual violence against children and adolescents in physical and digital environments. We provide specific information about prejudicial sexual conduct, relations and sentiments from children and adolescents.


As a hotline, Te Protejo Colombia has its main focus on processing reports of child sexual abuse in digital environments. Through the processed reports, the hotline identifies tendencies and generates alerts regarding tech platforms that might pose a risk for children and adolescents in their digital interactions. We’re currently working on strengthening our alliances with national and international actors and our technological tools to facilitate the work of our team in the fight against CSAM (child sexual abuse material).

Youth participation

Tú Lideras aims to empower and strengthen youth initiatives to promote young voices who want to build a society that guarantees the rights of children and adolescents, thus consolidating a network of young people through various activities including training and updating in leadership, spokespersonship, advocacy, safe, responsible and constructive use of ICT, and in other topics of interest. It also aims to generate spaces for citizen mobilisation and involvement, to accompany the initiatives.