SIC+ programme: Ukraine - NGO Better Internet Centre

About the organisation

In 2017, inspired by our five years of work as a Safer Internet Day Committee and the possibility to take part in the creation of a safer internet for all, we established an NGO: "Better Internet Centre". We are working on the translation and adaptation of research, UNICEF, Council of Europe reports, and Insafe materials making them more accessible for everybody in each part of Ukraine: from rural areas to big cities. We develop new tools on online safety for education and advocate child rights online across Ukraine. We see our role in helping children and young people to be an active part of positive changes in the digital age.

Awareness raising

We develop our activities with and for young people through non-formal education methods and children/youth participation in schools, clubs and youth associations. Our educational resources - such as Web We Want in Ukrainian, Onlike, Born in the network (a collection of essays), the "Universe of Opportunities" game, leaflets and posters - support teachers, educators, youth workers and librarians across Ukraine to create a participatory atmosphere to explore online safety and human rights online. 


Mostly all requests for help to the Better Internet Centre are sent by teachers or youth workers. They typically ask for advice, ideas, and resources (printed/online) to explore online safety topics with children and youth. Since April 2022, the Better Internet Centre has been sharing its educational resources and games for free. 4,200 sets of the training manual “Onlike”, Universe of opportunities, Start, Souvenirko, along with online safety posters, contribute to educational and fun activities for children and youth.


The hotline service in Ukraine is offered by La Strada-Ukraine - phone number 116111 or 0 800 500 225. The hotline service offered by La Strada-Ukraine has continued to operate since the start of the war and has received almost 32,000 requests to date from children seeking help and support on a range of issues. Not all requests have concerned the internet or digital skills, however, and the requests have come from Ukrainian children all over Europe.

Youth participation

For Safer Internet Day (SID) 2023, it was planned to focus on youth participation as a topic. But due to the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, rocket attacks, and lack of internet connection and electricity, the Better Internet Centre didn't receive much positive feedback on this idea. Instead, it was agreed to continue to support and encourage SID activities at a local level - in schools, youth centres, and libraries as we develop our activities with and for young people through non-formal education methods.