SIC+ programme: Montenegro - Juventas


Podgorica, Montenegro



About the organisation

Juventas is a non-governmental organisation founded on 29 January 1996, in Podgorica, Montenegro. The vision of Juventas is a society of social justice in which all people feel safe, free and respected, participate in decision making, have equal opportunities and enjoy all human rights.

The mission of Juventas is to promote social cohesion by creating communities tailored to everyone through the promotion of youth participation. Juventas provides direct assistance, supports the quality improvement of services, produces and advocates proposals for policy changes, and develops the capacities of decision-makers, institutions, media, and service providers, as well as the target groups with which Juventas works.

Awareness raising

Juventas (formerly the Youth Cultural Center—OKC Juventas) has implemented more than 200 projects in the fields of youth, human rights, social policy, and harm reduction. It has an ISO 9001-2016 quality management standard.

Many of the projects that have been implemented aim to provide a safe and stimulating environment for children and youth, which includes promoting important values such as human rights, respect for human rights, and protection against any forms of violence.


There is currently no helpline in Montenegro.


NGO Juventas plans to find suitable funds in the coming period that would enable the opening of the first hotline in Montenegro.

Youth participation

Juventas implements different projects with young people, especially high school students who spend a lot of time on the internet, educating them about media literacy, human rights, the fight against hate speech, gender equality, youth activism, participation in decision-making processes, and the preservation of multinational harmony among young people.

Juventas is the founder of the Union of High School Students of Montenegro, the umbrella organisation of high school students.