SIC+ programme: Mexico - Fundación PAS


Jalisco, Mexico



About the organisation

Fundación PAS has been dedicated to the prevention and care of child sexual abuse for 11 years. It is the organisation that manages the Te Protejo Mexico hotline. 


We work on CSAM (child sexual abuse material) awareness, prevention and reporting culture. We have created digital citizenship programmes for children and adolescents. We also provide digital citizenship tools for parents and teachers. We are currently starting to create care protocols for adolescent aggressors.


In June 2021, we started operating the Te Protejo Mexico hotline with Te Protejo Latino. We plan to start creating the first Safer Internet Centre in Mexico. 


We are working on a collective impact model with all Te Protejo Mexico partners to generate a culture of CSAM (child sexual abuse material) prevention. 

Youth participation

At Fundación PAS, we are starting to form a Youth Council of actors to join the cause and help us in the communication of awareness, prevention and reporting culture of CSAM (child sexual abuse material).