What is BeReal?

BeReal is a social media app where users are notified to share a photo within two minutes.

How does BeReal work?

Users have to upload one photo of themselves and one of their immediate surroundings when the notification arrives. The daily notification to post their photos comes always at a different time. The app has been known because of its emphasis on authenticity.

If a user posts later than the two-minute window, it says so. It shows as well how many attempts it took the user to take the photos, as well as their location when the photos were taken. Users can only post one photo per day and can also react to other users' posts with "RealMojis", emojis taken with the front-facing camera. 

Is it safe for children and young people?

BeReal is open to users over the age of 13 only. However, similar to other networks, users can add other users that they do not know as well.

What is the minimum age?